UI | Art Direction | WEB PRODUCTION

Bananica Website

Visual overhaul of the style and art direction, starting with the website I designed and produced for the most famous candy brand on the Balkans - the one and only chocolate BANANICA!

YEAR 2020 / 2021


I was hired as a part of the project team to work on this project. As this was a high profile client, I was appointed to lead UI design, and later produce the website in Wordpress, coordinating the client, web developer and copywriter.

The goal was to refresh the brand, as it became the top selling candy product in the wider Balkans area. Also, we had to top the competition, not an easy task...


The client wanted to focus on the brand's history, but lacked most of the material - as the brand was established in 1938, not much of the material was kept in thearchive. Also, their physical archive was destroyed in the fire, adding the fuel to the... well, fire.

On top of it - the client wanted the simple but dynamic website, connected with Instagram and other social media, as the key audience was determined to be the young and hip crowd.

“Make it simple, but significant.” – Don Draper


We decided to go retro style, making their history an interactive scroller, showcasing the important milestones on the TV that would fit 50's era. Keeping with the style, we made all the shapes funky, even making custom buttons shaped like the candy product.

We presented their history through a detailed timeline where every milestone had it's story.

Instagram page was integrated with the website, allowing the audience to engage with the page, react to content and even play Instagram game they had on their page.

How it went?

Well... quite awesome! The website was featured on design and industry related portals, it was shared all over social media, and overall considered a successful and innovative presentation for the Balkan market. Metrics are unavailable to us, but we got the info that we broke their record of daily visits for any website under their umbrella.

What was learned

Animations are nice... but heavy

As website needed to be playful - I produced many animations - which encumbered the website. Optimising the animations was a lengthy process, and using HTML canvas as platform helped. Next time ... less animations.

Say "NO" to custom buttons /
text orientation

Not my call, but all buttons needed to resemble the shape of the candy. It looks nice... but producing it... it's not nice. Using SVG buttons might work for the hero parts of the website, but using them for everything everywhere - is an overkill.


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