I worked with the company and their marvelous people for over a year, collaborating with internal communications & HR team to increase awareness, improve visual communication and help with onboarding, hiring and general image they output.

YEAR 2021 - 2022


I covered complete internal communications team in terms of visual improvement, maintaining fidelity and buffing up the company image. The scope of work focused on SRB and ITA market, and the projects ranged from corporate videos, employer engagement promo material, event support and development and design of complete website presentation. Oh, and branding. Lots and lots of branding.

Their umbrella of products feature PlanetWin365, PlanetSpin365, (plus more) and they are a leading sports betting company in Italy.


As the company grew both in revenue and size in a short term - the brand image needed to be updated to reflect the current scope of the company. They also introduced a philosophy for a special hybrid working perks as a response to pandemic, and that needed to be relayed to all the channels and be presented as a revolutionary improvement. While everyone was promoting hybrid or remote working conditions, their vision was so much more and that needed to be reflected in the produced material they used for communicating.

“Work is much more fun than fun.” – Noel Coward


Making it cool to work there! Sounds easy, right? :) 

The idea was to give them a "vibe" - they did introduce 3 new colors for the logo that represented their philosophy, and that gave me the opportunity to make their signature "vibe" - as depicted above - every employee, material or communication asset would feature the colored outlines drawn over the image as to show how all the employees, and activities they had prepared for them, bring joy to everyone's life.

Below are some of the materials I prepared for various activities and events the company held over the 2021/2022 year.


Their public image was praised, many employees and business partners gave very positive feedback, and SKS ultimately won the Best Employer of the Year award (ITA). My contribution was with all the employer branding videos and material I crafted for them, as well as some "kind reminders" such as the one below that calls employees for personal development.


Listed below is a personal selection of work I directed, featuring employee branding videos and static graphics, as well as some branding and event material production.


Having met some awesome people, and learned so much about employee care, and what messages are needed to relay, I will always cherish everything I take away from this experience.

What was learned


Whenever working with larger corporate environments, there are multiple sources of information, conflicting deadlines and priorities, and to overcome that - communication and friendly attitude helps a million.


Since I took over the files from previous contractor, many elemts were... kind of freestyle. Colors were not defined and later problems would arise since colors didn't match. I managed to fix that - by creating a style guide to which every subcontractor adhered to.